Having a healthy, thriving marriage is one of the most beautiful and powerful forces in the world.

But there are a few challenges:

  • Your own hurts and past experiences sabotaging your relationship

  • Normal life events and hardships pulling you and your partner apart

  • Lacking a clear plan for maintaining feelings of love and strengthening your commitment

  • Communicating in ways that ultimately lead to more disconnection

Your plan for preparing for a thriving, life-long marriage

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Here's what you'll learn in the 7 modules:


Here you will learn what it takes to be a Rock Solid partner. You will learn three steps to becoming a Rock Solid partner and examine how to make meaningful changes in yourself and relationship.


In this session you will be provided with a practical + visual definition of a relationship. You will also learn three principles of relationships that will empower you to have a Rock Solid marriage.


You will learn about what it takes to have healthy communication in your relationship and the skills necessary to do so. You will also be provided with a skill sheet to help you practice healthy communication.


It is so easy to get into a bad attitude toward your partner but it can be so hard to get out of it. Learn about one of the most common experiences in marriage + how to fix it before it leads to deep resentments.


We all have basic needs and then really important love needs in our relationships. So learn how to figure out and meet the needs of your partner. 


Learn about the two important dimensions of commitment and how practicing commitment can strengthen other areas of your relationship.


Learn about the importance of your physical relationship and intimacy. The differences between sexual drive and arousal are discussed and you will be provided with crucial conversations to have about your sexual relationship. 

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    This was the best money I ever spent on me! If I hadn’t taken your class I would have continued on in the only vicious cycle I had come accustomed to for so many years.

  • An Eye-Opener

    I have to tell you as soon as I finished the course I called my good friend and we discussed what I learned as well as how we function with the RAM model. Kind of an eye-opener when you categorize the process like that! - Shannon P.

  • Empowered Me to Make Healthy Decisions

    This turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done. It empowered me to make healthy decisions and helped me to identify the good guys. I would strongly recommend this resource. - Janelle B.

What to expect

To have a Rock Solid marriage you need to...

  • Be a Rock Solid Partner

    You and your partner will take a good look at your own issues and experiences and learn how they will impact your marriage. You will learn tools and techniques to make sure you aren't blindsided by personal issues as well as how to be a rock solid partner.

  • Have a Rock Solid Relationship

    You may already feel like the two of you are rock solid, but life has a way of throwing things out of balance, causing vulnerabilities in your relationship. Learn the skills to ensure that your relationship stays solid.

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    You will get the 5 sessions and a downloadable workbook. You can fill this workbook out right on your computer or, if you're old school, you can print it out and write your answers in. You will also receive self-exploration worksheets to help you dig deeper and graphic visuals of the research talked about in the course!

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    The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

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    You have access to this course for an entire year! If your year runs out and you need more time contact us at info@lovethinks.com.

  • Can I use this for a group?

    That is definitely an option. However this is designed as single-user course. If you'd like to discuss use with multiple participants and associated costs, then please contact us at info@lovethinks.com. If you are looking for a group course, we have a series called the RAM Series that is a video-based discussion course and may be a better fit. Check out https://ramseries.com/ for more info.

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Meet Dr. John Van Epp

John Van Epp is the President and Founder of Love Thinks, LLC is the author of How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk and Becoming Better Together: Healthy relationship goals for growing together when life is pulling you apart. He has 25 years of clinical counseling and extensive research in premarital, marital and family relations. All that has paved the way for his programs to be taught to over one million participants in organizations, educational and military settings and social agencies in all fifty states and ten countries. His work has been featured on The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Psychology Today, O Magazine, and Cosmopolitan; he has appeared on the “CBS Early Show,” “Good Morning America,” “Fox News” and “Focus on the Family.” He has been happily married for over 40 years and is the proud father of two daughters.
Meet Dr. John Van Epp

Meet Dr. Morgan Cutlip

Morgan Cutlip pursues her passion of helping others develop and maintain healthy relationships as she directs Research and Development at Love Thinks, LLC,. There she conducts research on program effectiveness, manages the blog at mylovethinks.com and develops innovative products for delivering relationship education. Her published research on the “How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk” program won the Family Consumer Science Research study of the year. She is also the owner and CEO of STAT Research & Consulting where she contracts with non-profits, companies and government organizations to provide research and statistical report design services. She has appeared on the television show, “Marriage Uncensored.” She has been happily married for nine years and is the proud mother of two rambunctious preschoolers.
Meet Dr. Morgan Cutlip