What you can expect from our courses

  • Evidence-Based

    All of our courses are based on the findings of decades of research. Additionally, our courses have been researched (not by us:) and have been shown to be effective in helping people feel confident and equipped to build healthy relationships.

  • Practical Tools

    Our courses offer straightforward, practical tools and are all based around the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM) an innovative tool that will apply to every relationship in your life. The RAM is easy to remember and apply. After all, what you can remember you can actually use!

  • Road Tested + User Approved

    Our courses have been taught to over a million users world-wide in live settings. They have been used by all branches of the military, coalitions, non-profits, and by individuals. We have collected thousands of surveys on the massive impact our courses had on the lives of our users.

Nice to meet you

We're a father-daughter team, both doctors, from two generations, offering different perspectives but sharing one mission which is to help you build and maintain happy + lasting relationships.

Hey, we're Dr. John Van Epp and Dr. Morgan Cutlip and we are happy you are here. We have devoted the last 25 years to helping people fall in love and stay in love without the drama. Our courses have been used by over a million people worldwide and have been taught by all branches of the military.
Nice to meet you

“This was the best money I ever spent on me!!!! If I hadn’t taken your class I would have continued on in the only vicious cycle I had come accustomed to for so many years.”

Krista G.Krista G.

“I have to tell you as soon as I finished the course I called my good friend and we discussed what I learned as well as how we function with the RAM model. Kind of an eye opener when you categorize the process like that!”

Shannon P.Shannon P.

“After many dating situations with some real jerks I decided it was time to take action.This turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done. It helped me to figure out who I am, what I value, and what to look for in a potential dating partner. It empowered me to make healthy decisions and helped me to identify the good guys. I would strongly recommend this resource for any single person as an extremely beneficial tool to add to their toolbox of relationship skills.”

Janelle B.Janelle B.

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